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Gobsmack: a dessert flavored juice that combines the taste of key lime and vanilla.

Provocation: Agent Provocateur is Juice Punk's 'Pineapple Extreme'. A crazy, in your face pineapple, that is sure to become your go-to juice this Summer.

The Effect: Here are a lot of strawberries out there. But some- times, one comes along that is so special, so unique and so exceptional that it has an 'an effect' on the vaper. THIS is that vape. Soft spoken STRAWBERRIES with a hint of SWEET VANILLA added to our 90-day steeped base makes this a completely refreshing change to the ordinary.

The Hardware: You’re dug in for the long haul with this vape. Sure, other flavours will come in and out of your life, however the thrill you experience from watermelon watermelon (oh yeah, I said it twice) gushing into your senses like the kid on the inner tube slamming into you at the waterslides, will keep you loyal to feeling double with this vape.

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