Pacha Mama

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BLOOD ORAGNE, BANANA, GOOSE BERRY: Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry by Pachamama E-Liquid is a fruit medley explosion featuring tangy blood oranges, luscious bananas, and wild gooseberries for a fruity concoction that will tingle the senses.

PASSION FRUIT, RASPBERRY, YUZU: Passion Fruit Raspberry Yuzu by Pachamama E-Liquid takes tangy passion fruit and combines it with tart raspberries and citric Yuzu fruit for a sublime vaping experience that will take your tastebuds for a ride.

MINT LEAF, HONEYDEW, BERRY, KIWI: The Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi by Pachamama E-Liquid is a refreshing fruity experience, delivering a mint leaf base balanced with honeydew melons, berries, and kiwis.

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