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Vaping has become exceptionally popular in recent years. This has led many outsiders to the community to ask, “Why do people vape?” or “What is the point of vaping?” Everyone is different and people have their own reasons for wanting to vape. One thing is certainly clear: the trend is not going away any time soon. The BBC reports that the number of vapers around the world has increased to 35 million users in 2016 compared to only seven million users in 2011. However, here are some of the most common explanations people have given for why they enjoy vaping as a hobby.

5 Most Common Reasons for Why People Turn to Vaping

While there are certainly dozens of reasons for why people decide to pick up vaping, below we’ve listed the most common reasons.

#1 Relaxing

The biggest reason why you see more people vaping is that it is an extremely relaxing activity. Most of the time when people vape, they are simply hanging out with friends or in the comfort of their own home unwinding. The process of inhaling and exhaling all kinds of differently flavored clouds puts people in a relaxed mindset. In fact, many of the flavors utilized, such as menthol and vanilla, are designed to be soothing. Some people have a beer to relax while others choose to vape.

#2 Joining a Community

While plenty of people like to vape in the comfort of their own homes, a lot of people like going out into the community to vape. Similarly to other hobbies, vaping has turned into a lifestyle. Groups of friends will head over to a vape shop to try out new flavors and commiserate together. These vape shops will even host events to entice people to visit. You can even find all kinds of products, from hats to t-shirts, to show off how much you love vaping. You may even make new friends through vaping via online forums.


#3 Cloud Chasing

Many newcomers to vaping are surprised to hear that a competitive sport has arisen out of the hobby. Many vapers will gather together to see who can blow the thickest, biggest plume of vaporfrom their device. The best way to achieve this goal is to find a vape mod that has low resistance coils. You will also need a specialized e-liquid. Cloud chasing has become extremely popular all over the United States and you can see where events are taking place near you.

#4 Having Control Over Nicotine Intake

Some people prefer vaping over similar activities because they have a greater amount of control over what they smoke. There are numerous types of devices on the market that can be customized to your liking. Additionally, you can find e-liquids in excellent flavors that come with zero percent nicotine. No matter what your preference is, you will be able to find something that matches your needs and wants.


#5 Enjoying an Array of Flavors

Numerous flavors are available, so regardless of what you like, there will be something for you. Candy flavors are incredibly popular for people with a sweet tooth. You can enjoy bolder e-liquids inspired from coffees, espressos, and lattes as well. Additionally, whether you enjoy sipping on an appletini or a rum and cola, there are vape flavors inspired from alcoholic beverages, too. With so many options, there is always something new to try, so you will never become bored.


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